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Carnival of Monsters // Robot of Sherwood

"They all hate him equally." Braxiatel smiled. "Actually, that’s not quite fair. The Doctor has a growing reputation, but it was what he did with the miniscopes that impressed everyone."

"What did he do to the miniscopes?"

"He persuaded our people to ban their use across the nine galaxies. Miniscopes were a barbaric inventionzoos of intelligent creatures, miniaturized and kept in time loops for the pleasure of other, more ‘developed’ races. The Doctor petitioned for their abolition and our people—for once in their long lives—acted.” Braxiatel shrugged. “The Doctor always was one for causing trouble.”

The Empire of Glass by Andy Lane

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Do you know how lucky we are in the Classic Who fandom? That even after up to fifty years in, we still get NEW material of some sort on a regular basis? I mean, that is amazing. Seriously.

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The Doctor was talking. He had a lovely voice, soft and smooth and just deep enough, with that hint of accent that made you think of humour and secret smiles. A stick-on-a-talking-book-in-the-car-and-fall-asleep-at-the-wheel kind of voice. ‘Dreamy,’ even. Funny, she could acknowledge how sexy his voice was—how sexy he was, full stop—without actually fancying him herself in the slightest.
Anji Kapoor, describing the Eighth Doctor, from Earthworld (via literaryshoes)

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Sixth Doctor:
I'm sure we would've PERIshed had you not intervened so marvellously.
Sixth Doctor:
We were in great PERIl!
Sixth Doctor:
And you were su--
Sixth Doctor:

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Tom Baker was allergic to jelly babies prior to his run. The reason the Fourth Doctor eats them all the time is that, thanks to some properties of the yarn used to make his scarf, he was cured of his allergies, and refused to stop eating them even while filming.

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