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I’m sorry did you save the doctor with cpr

Did you defeat a witch’s spell with a rhyming word from harry potter

Did you take care of the doctor in 1913 England when he didn’t even remember himself

Did you recognize the master before the doctor did

Did you save all of humanity’s ass from the master by spreading the story of the doctor?


Then why don’t you stop being a little bitch about Martha Jones being a useless unneeded character 


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It’s funny, because I was expecting a fighting Sycorax on the top of a spaceship with a sword and a satsuma moment. Or an asking Prisoner Zero if he thinks earth is not protected while tying a bow tie moment. You know, one of those really big defining character moments. Capaldi’s big character moment was pouring a glass of scotch and making you wonder if he killed someone. I have a good feeling about this.
comment by reddit user IMthinkingGoAway that essentially sums up the Twelfth Doctor’s debut. (via sharpewit)

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#Hugh Laurie for the next Master

#Hugh Laurie for God

 #hugh laurie

#Hugh Laurie for Hugh Laurie

#Hugh Laurie for Meryl Streep

Sorry…but can you imagine Hugh Laurie and Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and the Master?
Oh hello glorious sasswar and dynamics I can’t even imagine 
the only problem is that Hugh is taller than Peter…


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I’ve just been talking to my friend for ages about why I love Paradise Towers.

I think I scared her off.