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Can we just talk about the fact that Classic Who managed to get away with having almost an entire episode in which the only dangers were not having a costume and Adric eating all the food?

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Of all the problems with the Time Lords shown in The End of Time, one often overlooked one is that they’re all wearing scarlet robes.

What’s with the Arcalian erasure, RTD?

I’ve had it with your Prydonormative bullshit.

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Who's the murderer, that's what we want to know!
Well obviously, obviously - I'm quite surprised none of you have realised, I mean, quite plainly, well, without any doubt in my mind, the murderer is- *dies*

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Anonymous asked: who used the n-word in doctor who?

Sorry, I completely forgot to answer this!

It was in Episode 2 of The Celestial Toymaker, when the King of Hearts recites the original version of “Eeny, meeny, miney, mo” (hint: replace the word ‘baby’). In the soundtrack reconstruction, Peter Purves narrates over this line.

Of course, it’s unthinkable to think someone on modern British television could ever use that version of the rhyme…

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There was a point during my stay on twentieth-century Earth that I discovered that UNIT wasn’t the most top-secret security-conscious agency there’s ever been. The press got wind of my role in protecting the Earth from alien invasions. It may have been the Loch Ness Monster swimming up the Thames and attacking the World Energy Conference that did it.
The Fifth Doctor (via newandclassicwho)

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'Doctor Who Discovers Prehistoric Monsters'?
I never said the books were for adults, did I?
I was kind of being incredulous about the 'Doctor Who' part.
Oh, I see. The publishers originally called the series 'The Doctor, Who Discovers Prehistoric Monsters', but then some idiot in their design department didn't spot the 'The' and, er, created a logo that said 'Doctor Who' and it, well, stuck.
Doctor... who?
Well, I like it. Certainly gives you an air of mystery.